Saturday, 10 September 2016

Bellarius, Where Are The New Articles?

So, some of you might have noticed things have been quiet around here of late. While I had announced a planned silence for a short while, this has been dragging on for quite some time now, and it's probably going to be that way for a while. Oh this isn't by choice, this is largely down to one of my jobs turning into the endurance test from hell.

While I can't go into details unfortunately, consider this instead - Imagine a building under construction. Imagine it's being held up by several scaffolding support beams to keep it aloft. Then imagine that fully half of those beams are being taken away, either abruptly leaving out of some surprise reason or becoming so corroded that they can't hold up the place, putting strain on the remaining ones. Then, to make matters worse, the suppliers arrive drunk. Despite the building site being reliant upon them for income, they stagger in, half deranged and barely understanding anything they face. Ignoring the protests of those on site, they begin wrecking havoc, causing no end of problems and bellowing at others to give them their full attention even as they ruin things. By the end of it, the remaining pillars are barely standing, ready to collapse, the suppliers are still causing problems, and the few workers left are having to triple their output just to meet standards.

Yes, it's not the most subtle metaphor for events, but it gives you some slight insight into how bad things have been over the past few weeks. Even upon getting back, i'm usually so burned out from that job that it's near impossible to get on with anything else. So, until this sheer fucking insanity finally evens out to some small degree, things are sadly going to be quiet on here. I can only apologise and ask for your patience, both with comments awaiting approval and new content.

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