Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Walking Away From It all

This should have happened sooner. What you're reading is just a quick update to say that i'm going to be leaving the blog for a good week or so, just to try and get a few affairs in order. Truth be told, this past week was time I was taking off from my day job, and I had hoped to use that to recharge my batteries. That didn't happen.

The problem was that, lacking the constant pressure or frustration of work, I overdid things on the blog front, shoving out a mass of video game reviews all at once and several lengthy pieces. It's certainly been healthy for the blog's traffic, but not my mental state. Plus, the fact that summer will not take a hint and finally bugger off has not helped. If you think you have it bad, my home tends to be a good six to eight degrees higher than outside temperatures, due to the designer being a sadistic rabid gibbon apparently.

As a result, things are going to be quiet for a while. You can expect plenty of conent in the month to come, but before we get to that I just need to get my own house in order. So, until then, I hope life treats you well and we'll have plenty of articles to help entertain you again soon.


  1. Fair enough, I remember on my last vacation I tried to get a lot done and only ended up burning myself out, so I'm taking my time with this one.

    1. Thanks, I appreciate you being understanding of this, but i've come to notice it's been severely affecting my work and general drive of late. Plus, unfortunately, my day job is about to get a few hundred times harder it seems.