Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Dark Souls III (Video Game Review)

Serving as the capstone for the Dark Souls trilogy, this final game allows FromSoftware’s famed dark fantasy franchise to go out with a bang.  Combining the greatest strengths found in the core series and its spiritual successor Bloodborne, what we have here can be considered the definitive version of the Dark Souls franchise.

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  1. I think I've figured out why I've always been mostly lukewarm on this series, and Fromsoft games in general. For all the detail there's little buildup, for example pretty much all of the bosses could be summed up with "I'm here now, fight me." When they actually take the time to build up a boss it becomes a lot more memorable, the old king fight in Demons Souls wouldn't be very memorable if they didn't expand on how the king's the main villain and the one responsible for the fog spreading across the world and even bosses who are kind of memorable could have been made a lot better if they had buildup. There was also buildup with Gwyn in Dark Souls 1, however even characters they mention like Nito are bosses that're just kind of there. There's also minimum lore on the various locations and if I can't get invested into a location it just becomes kind of a boring area. Most of this entire series is just payoff, it's a punchline to a joke without the setup, go to place, fight monster, go on to next place, and I know that there is extra lore that you can find if you really look for it by trying to read between the lines and read all the item descriptions, though if past games are to go by that lore will be very simple fantasy with a convoluted way of figuring it out.

    I'll probably get this game still but when I do and at what price is determined by one question, is there a pause button? I can respect your opinion on the score but not having one is a deal breaker for me.