Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The Star Wars Vendetta - It Ain't Over 'Till It's Over

Some might recall a prior opinion piece on the subject of the Expanded Universe being resigned to total oblivion. Being a rather personal piece, that was intended to close out this whole thing, a metaphorical slamming of the door on the subject and franchise as a whole. After seeing the very thing which kept Star Wars itself alive for decades declared non-canon and promptly regulated to the sidelines as some obscure non-relevant part of the setting, I wanted nothing more to do it. At least, that was the case until Disney pulled something so flagrant, so morally goddamn repugnant that I am gobsmacked it has either been ignored or downright defended by most official media outlets. 

Still, tis supposed to be the seasons to be jolly, so rage can wait for the moment. I will be producing a few more pieces on Star Wars in the near future, but it will wait until after Christmas. For the time being we will be returning to our wheelhouse with a look into Chaos and the Warhammer fandom, and later an attempt to defend one of the most widely hated films in cinema. Because why not.

Still, for the time being, we have a few points to deal with. The first being a request for someone to basically summarize my problem with the new canon vs old. Well, while that's a tall order, there's two extracts you can compare side by side to show how things really went downhill for the franchise between now and then.

So, expect more Star Wars in the future, and hopefully a few more positive articles in the coming days.

Oh, as this has turned into a general announcement, i'm playing Iron Hands now.


  1. Go home tie fighter, you're drunk

  2. Personally I can't wait for them to hire C.S. Goto, mainly to see how people would try to defend it.

  3. By the way, that's a really good looking Iron Hands force, though personally I'm not too much of a fan of their current rules. Do you use the current rules in the Space Marine Codex or do you use another Codex to proxy in their rules?

    1. Many ,thanks, but sadly i'm not the one who painted it. Mostly i'm just touching it up here and there to correct a few issues after the bulk of the work was handled by someone else. Glad to know it at least looks imposing though.

      As for rules, honestly, i'm sticking with the Iron Hands ones for the time being. It's mostly because there's no set of fan rules I think properly reflects the chapter and (while cheap) their added durability is the best thing we've had to date. Could certainly do with a few drastic improvements though.