Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Grey Knights: Sons of Titan (Book Review)

At first this seems like a match made in heaven. Whatever you think of Annandale as a writer, he’s a man who has an obvious love for the Warp and all its weird creations. His best known novels have focused entirely upon the war between the Imperium and Chaos, often going into a greater detail than many contemporaries and he favours conspiracies, mysteries and old secrets. So, letting him take charge of a Grey Knights novel seemed to make sense, which is why it’s sad this is a misfire. It’s not bizarre, it’s not even hard to pin down where it went wrong, but it’s still disheartening.

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  1. A shame this one's not so great, I've been looking for some really good Gre Knights stories besides some parts in the omnibus and Mortarion's Heart.

    One thing I'm very sure of is that Annandale would really shine if he branched off a little bit from the Astartes/Imperial Guard and wrote stories focussing on other groups confronting aspects of the warp. Maybe turn that radical inquisitor into a main character or look at how the Arbites deal with heretics trying to corrupt their world, in this case though it seems as if he's underused and I'm not sure if the main focus was his choice or if it was a mandate.