Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Ending The Silence

For those of you who have been regularly reading this blog for a few years, you might have noticed we've been silent of late. This has been the longest silence since starting with only a single update for one month, and I just wanted to confirm something: Yes, i'm still writing articles and there will still be content exclusive to here.

The main reason for the silence came down to a few factors from work in the Christmas period (which quickly devolved into Black Friday season), illness and a few additional elements which can't be talked about. That and, rather foolishly, I jumped at the chance to review two big name open world games for Starburst Magazine and ended up falling behind on a lot of things as a result. The usual ten to twenty hours spent to get the feeling of a game or go through to the end isn't nearly enough to cover that sort of thing. As a result the next week will be spent uploading links to those reviews and a few others written for Starburst in the meantime.

Furthermore, comments which have been long ignored will be answered as soon as I have the free time and reviews will be back on track. We're back in business again people, and thank you for your patience. I can't promise things will be back to daily updates any time soon, but here's hoping this is the last long delay we'll have on here. Also, expect a lot more Warhammer in the following weeks.

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