Thursday, 16 October 2014

Inquisitor Ascendant (Comic Review)

Of all the writers working at Black Library, few have been so long established and acclaimed as Dan Abnett. While by no means the sole talented writer producing work for the grim darkness of the far future, between Eisenhorn, Gaunt’s Ghosts, Titanicus, Bothers of the Snake and others, his impact is undeniable. If there was any person who has proven themselves many times over when it comes to handling the Inquisition and stories of downfalls, it’s Abnett, which makes the failings of Inquisitor Ascendant all the more baffling.

The comic follows the events on Nicodemus as Inquisitor Defay and his Interrogator Gravier are dispatched to investigate potential Chaos infestations. Soon after his arrival, Defay discovers that the Chaotic infestations run far deeper than anyone would have ever realised.

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