Thursday, 19 July 2012

Anna (Video Game Review)

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You’re stuck in a very small enclosed area, poking about with things which are clearly supernatural and the powerful semi-aware environment clearly disliking you. It apparently doesn’t even regard you as being enough of an irritation to actually do more than just freak you out with haunted acts of mindbuggery. It’s arguable that it manages to pull this whole thing off better than Silent Hill 2 as there are no actual enemies or combat. There’s nothing to distract you from how screwed up the environment really is or threats to directly combat. While it might be in a much smaller area with a much shorter time until you complete it, it never feels like it begins to lose the emotions it started to evoke. Even the most calming part of the whole game, the oddly cheerfully out of place soundtrack, starts to make the whole experience more and more unnerving as time goes by.

The game can be bought from here, here and here for £7.99. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a horror title who wants something more to a game than mowing down zombies with semi-automatic weapons. Further links to reviews and details can be found on the developer’s blog.

Anna and all related characters and media are owned by Dreampainters.

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