Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Down Time on the 19th and 20th

This is just a quick update to explain something to anyone who tried to access here in the last couple of days. The reason you weren't able to was my fault as I was trying to correct something which really didn't need to be fixed.

Not long after the Mass Effect 3 review was uploaded I recieved a couple of questions about the blog's address "" with people wondering why it was missing "and" between "bad" and "the". Truth be told this was due to a screw up on my part when creating the address for the first time and not realised my mistake. Thinking this would only be a minor error and there would be no problems correcting it, I changed the name to "". It turned out however, that every image, link or any page people found on google searches was still leading to the old address, so next to no one was able to get on here.

It has been changed back now. Apologies to anyone who was unable to access any of the reviews or images on the site, there won't be any changes made to the address from here on.

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