Saturday, 5 November 2011

Codex Necrons (Fifth Edition) Review

Warhammer 40,000 is dead to Games Workshop.
I wish the Black Library and Fantasy Flight Games the best of luck with the franchise, because it seems the company who created it do not simply "not care" about it any more, they're out to kill it off.

Yes, the fluff looks like it's bad. The Old Ones were beaten by the C'Tan without the Chaos gods being remotely involved, the Necrons easily killed them despite being weaker than the C'Tan, and the Necron Empire lasted much longer than the Eldar one. The Eldar also only had one because the Necrons allowed them to. Oh yes, and apparently some Necrons are now benevolent, lawful characters who are "good".
There are so many plot holes here and contradictions to other Codexes that it might well have destroyed the entire basis for the game. Heaven help us if Ward feels the need to try and top Draigo's fluff.

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  1. After months of letting the new-cron fluff settle. It still sucks... No matter how much I try to "get over" the retcon, NONE of the new fluff makes any damn sense